Where to experience Cingo® ?

Original equipment manufacturer

Google Fraunhofer Cingo brings unrivaled surround sound experience to the users of the Nexus and Pixel family of devices.
Samsung Samsung Gear VR was the first Cingo-enabled device to deliver 3D immersive audio.
LG The combination of Cingo and HE-AAC delivers a truly authentic audio experience essential for virtual reality to the new virtual reality device LG 360 VR. Users are being immersed in different virtual environments with perfectly matching audio properties for the success of the illusion.
Alcatel/TCL Communication For the creation of a truly immersive soundscape, Alcatel integrated Cingo and HE-AAC into their VR device VISION, thus providing users with an engaging VR experience.

Service providers

KT Media Hub With the integration of Cingo mobile surround sound technology and adoption of the HE-AAC audio codec, subscribers to KT’s “olleh tv mobile” video on demand service will experience unrivaled audio quality with their movies or TV programming while on the move or at home.
LG U+ The LG U+ mobile video service “U-HDTV” provides excellent audio quality delivered by the highly efficient AAC audio codec and Fraunhofer’s Cingo mobile audio suite. The service is available for LG U+ subscribers on Android smartphones.
SK Broadband SK Broadband’s ubiquitous “Btv mobile” (Btv) live broadcast TV and video on demand service features superior audio with Fraunhofer Cingo. Users can download an app update that incorporates Cingo.
Hulu Users of Hulu’s VR app will benefit from movies and TV shows streamed using the HE-AAC surround sound audio codec and rendered for headphones through Fraunhofer Cingo. On VR platforms, Cingo makes use of head-tracking to dramatically improve the entertainment experience on headphones.