Fraunhofer Cingo: Mobile surround and 3D sound

About Fraunhofer Cingo®

A great sound experience on small devices


With Fraunhofer Cingo® your mobile devices become true multidimensional sound theaters. Plug in your earphones or use the built-in stereo speakers for enveloping sound when enjoying movies, games or any other VR environment.

But not only does Cingo enable an excellent surround sound listening experience over stereo speakers or headphones, it also provides existing stereo content with a more natural and clear sound and includes loudness optimization for listening in noisy environments. What’s more, in addition to the existing stereo or surround content, Fraunhofer Cingo supports rendering of 3D audio content with formats that add a height dimension to the sound image, such as 9.1, 11.1 or other channel configurations.

Due to this unique combination of latest developments in audio technology, Fraunhofer Cingo delivers an exceptional level of audio quality, unmatched on mobile devices.

The powerful and innovative underlying signal processing was developed by the audio experts at Fraunhofer IIS, the home of mp3 and AAC.


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