Immersive sound for VR

Fraunhofer Cingo dramatically improves the entertainment experience of VR applications by delivering natural and clear surround and 3D sound that creates the experience of “being there”.

Fraunhofer Cingo®

An immersive sound experience on mobile devices. Made by the mp3 inventors.

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Video: An immersive sound experience on mobile devices

With Fraunhofer Cingo your mobile devices become true multidimensional sound theaters. Plug in your earphones or use the built-in stereo speakers for enveloping surround and 3D sound when enjoying movies, games or any other virtual environment.

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Fraunhofer Cingo® Brings Surround Sound to Hulu’s Virtual Reality Experience

Video: Introducing Fraunhofer Cingo

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Fraunhofer Immersive Audio Technology on LG 360 VR

LG 360 VR users to experience unrivaled audio quality for virtual reality with Fraunhofer Cingo and the HE-AAC codec.


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